We have been responsible for the construction of nearly 100 bridges of various uses including rail, road, pedestrian and utilities. With an emphatic project planning, scheduling and budgeting discipline, Arenco delivers, with proven, resounding results. We are proud of the many innovations implemented over the years and the high standard and quality of workmanship on every project.

When it comes to bridge design and construction, Arenco spans the gap.

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Rail Infrastructure

Our construction devotion to projects includes well designed, sustainable development that is professionally managed and community driven. We recognise the expectations of our clients and deliver on approach and methodology developing long-standing relationships based on trust and innovative infrastructure delivery.

Arenco’s driven team of experts continue to successfully complete projects that exceed our client’s expectations.

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Urban railways need stations at which passengers can access the system and a range of logistical infrastructure to permit the efficient operation and maintenance.

Arenco is undertaking this role from immeasurable knowledge due to years of rail facility construction, playing a vital role in the urban landscape, building public places of aesthetic significance and providing local communities solutions for safe and easy access.

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Arenco’s community projects have been varied in nature and scale. Each project has brought both the excitement of a fresh, creative engineering challenge and the disciplined processes required to fulfil each task beyond expectations. Projects have included iconic art venues, race track building and infrastructure, theatre performing space and heath resort facilities.

Arenco is diverse in the services we offer with our people competent and experienced in a range of skills.

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