Arenco was the major subcontractor for the substructure works comprising demolition, excavation, footings, platform culverts and structure to the underside of the concourse level followed by the superstructure works including the new aerial concourse, lift structures, stairs, platform canopies, station services, tiling to the full extent of the platform surfaces, concourse fitout and finishes. A temporary over road footbridge was also provided.

Scope of Work

One of a number of station expansion projects undertaken by Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation integrating new freight line expansion with system renewal and amplification on the south western corridor programs.  It provided independent access to rail services for those with disabilities, parents with young children and those traveling with heavy baggage.

Glenfield Railway Station is an important rail interchange and transport hub serving the developing suburban area around Glenfield. To the north of the station is a junction between the Main South line and the East Hills Line. The new station has two island platforms accommodating commuter and freight services including a side turnback for terminating trains via Liverpool.

Arenco was the major subcontractor for two separate packages. The Substructure Works incorporated demolition, excavation, footings, platform culverts and structure to underside of the concourse level. This was subsequently followed by the Superstructure Works incorporating the aerial concourse with covered stair access, construction of new platform canopy structures, installation of station services, co-ordination with RailCorp communications and control systems, concourse fitout and finishes, co-ordination with the lift supplier and installation and tiling to the full extent of platform surfaces. A temporary footbridge was installed over Railway Parade to provide commuter access to the station platforms during the new concourse construction.

Significant Achievements

Arenco completed the works with zero harm and zero rail reliability incidents. Environmental controls were implemented to a high standard resulting in no reportable incidents.

The works were completed with effective community consultation and the inclusion of stakeholder interest.

The project was delivered on time and within budget.

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