Design and construction upgrade of the existing heritage listed station comprising two new lift structures connecting to an existing footbridge, new ramp entry and stairs to the footbridge, platform building modifications, a new LV supply, services upgrades, platform regrading/resurfacing and signage. 

Scope of Work

Petersham Railway Station is one of the stations upgraded through the Transport Access Program to provide a better experience for public transport customers by delivering accessible, modern, secure and integrated transport infrastructure.

The project involved installation of two new lifts linking the existing footbridge with the platform level and the Terminus Street station entry, new commuter facilities within the existing station building and full platform resurfacing.

Arenco was responsible for the design and construction works to the existing station including the provision of two new lifts and the reconfiguration of the platform building to provide a family accessible toilet, a male and female unisex ambulant toilet and a dedicated Station Services Equipment Room.

The new stair and ramp entry off Trafalgar Street required the structure to be cantilevered of the existing masonry wall over the rail corridor. The island platform was regraded and resurfaced with new tactile indicators to the platform edges. New landscaped areas and paving works were provided at the station entrances. Station services were upgraded including a new LV electrical service from an existing transformer located 400m along the rail corridor.

Significant Achievements

Successfully worked in areas with difficult or restricted access subject to live rail and commuter movements and met major station construction milestones during weekend track possessions.

All works completed without interruption to rail staff, commuter or pedestrian movements. 

Successfully relocated a sensitive rail services GST attached to an existing masonry wall, without disruption to the existing services, in order to create the new lift entrance off Terminus Street.

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