Scope of Work

A $340 million contract was awarded to the Impregilo Salini Joint Venture for the Surface and Viaduct works. This contract involved the building of the four-kilometre elevated skytrain structure between Bella Vista and Rouse Hill, including a 270 metre cable-stayed bridge over Windsor Road at Rouse Hill.

Arenco, with their parent company Daracon, was awarded the civil works component of the project that comprised 119 viaduct piers, 4 viaduct abutments, 3 overbridges, road works, excavation (120,000m³), RE walls (2,800m²), embankments (60,000m³), pavements (24,000m³), soil nails (21,200m), shotcrete (13,200m²), stormwater up to 1350mm diameter (2,600m), street lighting, CCTV, asphalt and line marking.  

Significant Achievements

A strong and committed site team was developed that was able to work alongside of a foreign owned company to bring the project to completion.

Over 575,000 hours worked with no lost time injuries.

No significant environmental issues on this large scale project.

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