Scope of Work

Museum Railway Station is one of the two earliest underground stations in Sydney. After many years of investigation, a concept was devised to provide a better experience for public transport customers by delivering lift access to this underground facility.

The works comprised structural modifications to the 90-year-old tunnel system and excavation of new shafts and tunnels to enable construction of underground lifts shafts for vertical transportation and reconfiguration of commuter circulation.

Arenco was responsible for all design and construction works relating to the upgrade works including structural modifications to existing tunnels, excavation for new lift shafts, tunnelling for new lift lobbies below Elizabeth Street bus lanes and advanced Hyde Park trees, vibration monitoring and all temporary support structures. Substantial services upgrades were also included.

The works were performed in a highly sensitive heritage precinct and included careful dismantling, restoration and reinstatement of some of the most important artefacts in the rail network.

Significant Achievments

All works completed without interruption of rail, commuter or bus services. Initial works were expanded to fully encase and support critical backbone utility services in Elizabeth Street.

Successfully worked in a subterranean environment under full confined space protocols for the majority of works duration.

Met major construction milestones, despite no construction access, through the introduction of an automated turntable that allowed vehicles to enter and exit the site in a forward direction.

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