Scope of Work

Concord West Station was upgraded as part of the North Strathfield Rail Underpass project providing a dedicated goods line for the Main North Rail Line.

The project involved the construction of a new elevated concourse, 4 new lifts, new platform construction and repairs, platform canopies and demolition of the existing concourse.

Arenco was responsible for all construction works relating to the station upgrade works. The new elevated concourse, stairs and lifts were constructed south of the existing concourse that allowed rail staff and commuters access to the station during the construction works. When the new concourse was complete then works commenced on demolition of the existing concourse structure and the platform resurfacing works completed.

Other major works included demolition and rebuilding sections of the existing platforms, new platform construction, new platform canopies, platform drainage works, services upgrade, external entry upgrades and wayfinding signage.

Significant Achievements

Overcame difficulty of working on island platforms whilst other major works were being carried out for the new goods line and providing clear access for rail commuters and staff at all times.

Successfully completed all works planned for weekend track  possessions despite difficult works involved.

Completed the works ahead of schedule.

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